Xfinity Mobile Plans, Deals, and Packages

At the heart of Xfinity Mobile’s offerings are its meticulously designed Xfinity Mobile Plans. This plan is suitable for users who don’t use a lot of data. You pay a base price for a certain amount of data, and then additional data can be added if needed. There were different tiers available based on how much data you expected to use. These plans offer unlimited data usage with different speed options. They might come with some data throttling after you exceed a certain high-speed data threshold. Xfinity Mobile also offers family plans that allow you to share data among multiple lines. These plans could be a cost-effective solution for households with multiple mobile users.

Xfinity Mobile Plans

Xfinity mobile plans list

Xfinity Mobile offers 4 different plans:

  • By the Gig Plan: Designed for users with moderate data needs, this plan offers flexibility. You pay a daily fee of $15, based on the amount of data you use. There are no monthly data limits, allowing you to utilize as much or as little data as required.
  • Unlimited Intro Plan: Tailored for moderate data users, this plan provides 20GB of high-speed data per individual line. Additionally, it includes unlimited mobile hotspot data at 3G speeds. Following the consumption of 20GB, data speeds are reduced. The cost of this plan is $45 per month for a single line. However, when adding a second line, the price is reduced to $30 per month.
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: Ideal for users with high data consumption, this plan offers substantial benefits. It encompasses 30GB of premium data per individual line, coupled with 5GB of mobile hotspot data accessible at 5G/4G speeds. Speeds undergo reduction after reaching the 30GB threshold. The plan is priced at $55 per month for a single line. However, with the addition of a second line, the cost is reduced to $40 per month.
  • Unlimited Premium Plan: Catering to the demands of the most data-intensive users, this plan delivers exceptional features. It incorporates a generous allocation of 50GB of premium data for each line, along with 15GB of mobile hotspot data available at 5G/4G speeds. Following the utilization of 50GB, data speeds are diminished. This plan is available at a rate of $65 per month for an individual line. The cost drops to $50 per month upon the inclusion of a second line.

All plans include unlimited talk and text, and they all use the Verizon network.

Here is a table summarizing the pricing for each plan:

Plan Monthly price (single line) Monthly price (2 lines)
By the Gig $15/GB Varies by usage
Unlimited Intro $45/mo. $30/mo.
Unlimited Plus $55/mo. $40/mo.
Unlimited Premium $65/mo. $50/mo.

In addition to the monthly plan price, there are also some other fees to keep in mind:

  • Activation fee: $30 per line
  • Regulatory fees: Varies by state
  • Taxes and surcharges: Varies by location

Xfinity Mobile Hotspot Plans

Xfinity Mobile does no longer offer standalone hotspot plans. However, all of their unlimited plans include cell hotspot facts. The quantity of mobile hotspot statistics included in each plan varies:

  • Unlimited Intro: Includes unlimited mobile hotspot statistics at 3G speeds.
  • Unlimited Plus: Includes 5GB of mobile hotspot records at 5G/4G speeds.
  • Unlimited Premium: Includes 15GB of mobile hotspot records at 5G/4G speeds.

If you want more mobile hotspot records, you should buy additional passes. Each skip includes 10GB of data and fees $15. To use your mobile hotspot, you want to enable it for your smartphone. You can try this by using going to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Once you have enabled it, you could hook up with your hotspot by using following the instructions on your device.

Xfinity Unlimited Premium

The Xfinity Unlimited Premium plan stands as Xfinity Mobile’s foremost unlimited offering. This comprehensive plan incorporates:

  • 50GB of premium data per individual line
  • A mobile hotspot allowance of 15GB at 5G/4G speeds
  • Unlimited talk and text services
  • Seamless HD video streaming
  • Priority allocation for premium data

Upon reaching the 50GB premium data threshold, your data speeds will be adjusted, without incurring additional charges. You’ll still retain the capability to use your smartphone for activities like web browsing, email communication, and engaging with social media platforms.

For a sole line, the Xfinity Unlimited Premium plan is priced at $65 per month. However, an enticing discount brings the cost down to $50 per month upon the inclusion of a second line.

Xfinity Mobile Plans Update

I can help you with that. Here are the latest updates on Xfinity Mobile plans:

  • Unlimited Multi-Line Pricing:  Xfinity Mobile will offer unlimited multi-line pricing based on the total number of lines on your account, including tablets and lines using By the Gig data. The more lines you have, the less you’ll pay per line per month. To get multi-line Unlimited pricing, you’ll need to be on our latest plan. Upgrade your plan by heading to My Account online or in the Xfinity Mobile app.
  • By the Gig Plan: The By the Gig plan now includes 5GB of mobile hotspot data at 3G speeds. This is a great option for light data users who want the flexibility to only pay for the data they use.
  • Unlimited Intro Plan: The Unlimited Intro plan now includes 20GB of premium data per line. This is a great option for moderate data users who want unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds.
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: The Unlimited Plus plan now includes 30GB of premium data per line and 10GB of mobile hotspot data at 5G/4G speeds. This is a great option for heavy data users who want unlimited data at 5G/4G speeds.
  • Unlimited Premium Plan: The Unlimited Premium plan now includes 50GB of premium data per line and 15GB of mobile hotspot data at 5G/4G speeds. This is the best option for the heaviest data users who want the most premium data and features.


Xfinity Mobile plans present a compelling solution for individuals and families seeking reliable, cost-effective, and customizable mobile communication options. With a range of plans tailored to different usage patterns and preferences, Xfinity Mobile ensures that you stay connected without compromising on quality or convenience.

Whether you’re a heavy data user who enjoys streaming and online activities, or a more moderate user who prefers to pay for the data you actually use, Xfinity Mobile has you covered. The seamless integration with other Xfinity services enhances your overall communication and entertainment experience, making it a standout choice in the competitive mobile market.

Moreover, the flexibility to add lines and devices, manage your data usage, and tap into the power of 5G ensures that you’re well-equipped for both present and future communication needs. Bundling options with Xfinity Internet further sweeten the deal, offering additional savings and convenience.

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